A simple way to obtain data from legacy applications that always works!

No other technology in the world consistently achieves 100% accuracy recognizing characters from computer display screen pixels.

The technology behind OCR4Screen is universally compatible with every system that displays its data to the screen regardless of its underlying hardware or software platform.

The best use of OCR4Screen is electronic data interchange (EDI) between application programs for enterprise application integration (EAI).

OCR4Screen lets two computer programs talk to each other even when these programs have no other way to communicate. This eliminates manual data entry, thereby reducing labor costs and errors.

Only 100% accuracy is suitable for enterprise application integration (EAI) electronic data interchange (EDI). Only OCR4Screen consistently achieves 100% OCR accuracy.

Unlike conventional OCR technology, OCR4Screen determines rather than estimates all of its character matches. It is this difference that provides OCR4Screen with its 100% accuracy.

OCR4Screen will be available as an ActiveX component that can directly plug in to most any programming language on the Microsoft Windows ® platform. As long as the language works with ActiveX, it will work with OCR4Screen.

All of the functionality provided by the ActiveX component will also be available in a bundled GUI application program.

100% Accurate Display Screen OCR
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