How OCR4Screen Works

OCR4Screen is similar to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology except that it is 100% accurate and at least 100-fold faster.

The reason that OCR4Screen is so much faster and more accurate than OCR technology is that OCR4Screen only processes exact matches of pixel patterns. Technically this is called a deterministic process as contrasted with the stochastic process that OCR uses.

This difference has the advantage that it can be much faster and 100% accurate. Because OCR4Screen only matches character glyphs that always have exactly the same set of pixels it can not convert printed documents to editable text, like conventional OCR.

Unlike OCR, OCR4Screen can recognize tiny character glyphs at display screen resolutions with 100% accuracy. Conventional OCR loses accuracy at (96 DPI) display screen resolutions.

OCR4Screen is able to search for millions of different graphical objects simultaneously, rather than making comparisons one at a time because it is based on a Deterministic Finite Automaton (DFA) which is inherently capable of matching many different patterns at-a-time.

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