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***    January 31, 2014 UPDATE     ***
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The Beta version of OCR4Screen is now available to select customers!

It is expected that a commercial version will be available for the United States ASCII character set very soon. Other character sets will be added after this.

The initial Beta release covers Unicode Range 0000-007F (Basic Latin) ASCII. OCR4Screen has been designed to support the international community since its inception.

The most difficult (Holy Grail) of glyph recognition was recently solved:
CJK {Chinese, Japanese, Korean} Unified Ideographs Unicode Range: 4E009FCC.

Select Customers will be able to receive a beta version as soon as arrangements have been made.

Download Beta Version Now (Requires Password)

OCR4Screen will be offered as a Microsoft Windows ® ActiveX component enabling any software system compatible with ActiveX to recognize characters from the computer display screen.

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